For more than 6 years we have assisted over 100 CAMS-FCI professionals develop well-written whitepapers and guided their efforts to focus on critical thinking and ADVANCED FCI/ Audit concepts.

We are an independent consulting firm with a primary focus on International AML standards/ expectations. Our Managing Director serves as an ACAMS-Audit Faculty and Review Board for more than 6 years and is one of the few professionals with CRCM, CAMS-Audit, CAMS-FCI certifications.

Read our CAMS-FCI Whitepaper published in 2013. Relative, Thief, Confident – Powers of Attorney

Note: Our services are not affiliated with the Official CAMS-FCI certification program and are an independent service. Our involvement and assistance does not guarantee your successful completion of the CAMS-FCI certification. Your whitepaper is ” Your” work. We merely provide our expertise to help you create a whitepaper that is the best it can be.