Comprehensive Compliance Training is necessary to mitigate all forms of risk. Management and employees are seeking more effective solutions.

Remote work environments have changed our world. Even training is challenging through a 9″ video monitor. Our program is based on a simple premise. Education on what your team needs to know to perform their duties. Now is the time to increase your teams enthusiasm for Regulatory Training. Exchange the boring and generic online courses with focused discussions and newsletters.

Compliance, BSA/AML, Information Security, Privacy, Fraud are all addressed through informative writing. We can also help with operational challenges.

We have facilitated in-person and virtual sessions for more than 10,000 professionals world-wide. An Author of Numerous white-papers and industry communications as well.

Most professionals prefer direct communication and instruction. You may struggle with writing style and content. We provide interactive articles and newsletters. Subjects your team struggles with daily. We work directly with Management to identify areas warranting focus. Often this includes new regulations, and compliance matters your examiners are focusing on. You have the need, we provide the solution.

Why Use our Service?

  • Decades of experience as an OCC & FDIC Industry Expert provides valuable insight.
  • Build on our experience leading institutions to success.
  • Leverage our experience resolving supervisory criticism.

Comprehensive Compliance Training through focused Newsletters is a simple solutions for your training program. Find out how your training program can be simplified through digital newsletters. Focused discussions on regulatory matters that are prevalent in your bank.

How does the process work?

  • Together, we develop a learning agenda for your company. During this process we leverage audits and discuss challenges. We identify critical challenges.
  • Your processes are integrated in the discussion. As a results, your articles address “WHO”, WHAT”, “WHEN” and “WHY”.
  • Include interactive quizzes to demonstrate proficiency

What Else is included?

Do you struggle with powerpoint presentations? Our team is available to develop critical presentation decks for further discussion between you and your staff. You advise us of the subject matters and concerns. Then, We devise your discussion points through short presentation decks. As a result, you can have pointed discussions with key personnel. This saves you time and helps drive the discussion to be concise.

Surveys indicate employees understanding of key issues falls short with online training. As a result, employees need training focused on their daily duties. Pointed newsletters solve this challenge.

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