What services does a contract Chief Compliance Officer provide and for how long?

AML Solutions for Community Banks provides services as your chief compliance officer or Bank Secrecy Officer for a temporary period of time (90-days to 240 days).  This arrangement allows the bank to have an industry expert help sort through day-to-day challenges until a permanent CCO or BSA Officer is hired by the bank.  Management need not rush the hiring process of feel pressured due to examination schedules.  This is a niche opportunity.  We begin processes to review your existing program and help team members be more successful in their roles.  We are also available to evaluate the ecxisting team to help management identify value.  Your best asset is your people.  We work diligently to make sure your team is utilized effectively and your people feel empowered to do their job.  Call Ken Simmons today to discuss your needs (318) 355-3848.

What is a shared-resource and how do I get more information

Shared resources is an exciting opportunity for smaller community banks to "share" the time and expenses of an industry expert and professional that typically services larger banks.  The OCC, FDIC and other supervisory agencies have published several directives that community banks should consider the use of a shared resource to address their BSA/AML and Compliance related needs.  Call us @ 318-355-3848 to discuss this opportunity.  You are also able to click this link to interagency guidance.

Where is AML Solutions for Community Bank's located and what areas do you service?

AML Solutions for Community Banks is located in Lousiana and Georgia.  We provide services to financial institutions across the country.