Ongoing monitoring and 2nd-line reviews are a great way to place some gusto into your Compliance Management System. Our services may be devised to provide assurance past deficiencies remain in the past. The best part of establishing a monitoring program is the flexibility and intensity of the reviews. A small amount of ongoing monitoring elevates your program for having the control built into your CMS. Call Compliance & AML Solutions for your monitoring reviews.

  • Outsource your monitoring with Compliance & AML Solutions. Your CMS will be provide the Kudos for having a program, without the headache of FTEs and the need for another supervisor.
  • Reduce your cost for monitoring while increasing the effectiveness of your program.
  • The level of review, frequency, and depth of the program can be graduated based on your risk profile and need.
  • Leverage the ability to initiate a review with a simple phone call.
  • Your reviews may be once/quarter or once/year.