Training Solutions

Resolve your training challenges with Compliance & AML Solution NEED TO KNOW Training program.  This unique training format is an opportunity for your teams to demonstrate their knowledge in a single two-hour session focused on their responsibilities.  No more online training.

Sessions tailored to lending staff, deposit employees, “other” divisions (acct., IT, HR) and BSA/AML/OFAC/ Fraud will resolve your training challenges.

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AML Program Enhancement

An AML program requires continual enhancement.  zSometimes it seems like you have no traction.  It takes a TEAM and often a Team needs an offensive coach.   Our services are available to evaluate the effectiveness of your program proactively and develop a winning game plan.  Have an industry expert sit down with your team to identify areas for improvement and resolve difficulties.

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Post Examination Success

Everyone has been here.  You have areas for improvement, but unsure of how to proceed.  Learn from an industry expert how best to find success (without excessive expense).  We can help encourage your existing team to address issues and be prepared for further growth.

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BSA is Simple with an Industry Expert in your corner

AML Services provides large-bank, industry expert solutions right-sized to meet community bank needs.  Your best asset are your existing employees.  They know your company and your customers.  AML Services has a simple objective:

Encourage and empower community banks to succeed.  AML expectations are ever changing and complex.  AML Solutions provides an opportunity for Community Banks to leverage our experience and know-how to keep the bank successful.

We are a shared resource available for your bank to leverage.  A training partner.  A team member for risk assessments, due diligence, or ongoing mmonitoring.  We can support your SAR processes and help you service customers that you are unsure about.


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CMS Evaluations

Financial Institutions are being evaluated more uniformly and expectations are increasing.  Guidance includes "third-party/ vendor oversight" more than 70 times and removes examiner bias from individual examinations.  Have you had your CMS evaluated?

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Audit - Consultation Services

CAML Solutions provides a complete array of Compliance & AML audit/ review services designed for institutions of all sizes.  Our CEO and primary director is a former OCC/ FDIC Industry expert working with mid-size institutions.  We are not only auditors/ examiners; we are bankers with more than 30 years experience leading employers to success.

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Co Sourcing

Financial institutions need the experience to help your AML program mature.  Your AML team is effective.  There are also days having an industry expert and experienced CCO on staff would take weight off your shoulders.  Join a growing number of community banks sharing resources (Chief Compliance Officer).  You get the experience and the know-how for a fraction of cost.

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Next Steps...

AML Solutions will bring success to your program and encouragement to your management team!  Let us show you how AML controls can become sales tools.   Email ken@CAML.Solutions or call us today at (770) 530-7690 to discuss your needs.